Martinborough Town

Martinborough is the administrative centre for the South Wairarapa District.

With a population of around 1800 it is the hub of the thriving and world-renowned wine growing area of South Wairarapa and hosts the famous Toast Martinborough Wine festival each November.

Many of the vineyards are on the outskirts of the town.

Martinborough's central street layout is in the form of the Union Jack centred on the Square.  The streets radiate out from the centre and are named after streets and cities visited by John Martin.
John, an immigrant  purchased a large sheep station in 1879, and  subdivided it into 593 sections in order to establish a town. Obviously memorable places in his travels were New York, Cologne, Venice, Naples, Ohio, Dublin, Strasbourg, Suez, Oxford, Cork, Panama, and Broadway.


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